Executive Coaching

– Leadership is the art of influencing the actions of others
– Mobilizing commitment, building your team’s competence and setting direction inspires people
– Morale is a key objective to optimizing your people
– Rewarding collaboration aligns teams to long-term objectives

Team Coaching

– 360-Degree assessment to identify areas in need of improvement and for team optimization
– How to get your team to operate at peak performance
– How to get your team committed to your firm’s objectives

Crisis Management

– Understanding what has gone wrong
– How to face the reality of what is happening and what is at stake
– How to implement a strategy
– Utilizing the crisis to effectuate change
– How to rebuild trust and restore confidence

Candidate Coaching

– Resume building
– Interview coaching: establishing a clear narrative and objectives
– Preparation for case studies
– How to discuss compensation goals
– How to initiate dialogue about promotion and career development